banking jobs and careers in UAE 2023 | Emirates Development Bank (EDB)

  banking jobs and careers in UAE 2023 | Emirates Development Bank (EDB)

banking jobs and careers in UAE 2023 | Emirates Development Bank (EDB)

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Emirates Development Bank (EDB) مصرف الامارات للتنمية

  • The Emirates Development Bank (EDB) is the development bank of the United Arab Emirates, and the main financial engine for the economic development and industrial advancement of the country.
  • Its mission is to promote a healthy and sustainable self-reliant economy by providing financing solutions to small and medium enterprises and companies based in the United Arab Emirates, operating in any of the five priority strategic sectors.
  • These sectors include advanced technology, food security, healthcare, infrastructure, and manufacturing.
  • Due to its development missions, the bank is not-for-profit, offering patient capital and favorable financing terms to its clients.
  • Emirates Development Bank offers direct financing solutions to all customers as well as indirect financing solutions for small and medium enterprises through guarantees to our partners in commercial banks.
  • The bank takes it one step further by enhancing the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the UAE through its suite of unique digital banking products, tailored for start-ups as well as non-financial education and mentoring programs aimed at enhancing creditworthiness and financial literacy.
  • As the development bank of the UAE, the EDB seeks to attract and retain the best talent through a supportive culture and opportunities for continuous professional development.
  • The Bank's employees are united by a shared commitment to developing the UAE economy, a goal that is ingrained in every aspect of their work and fills them with a sense of pride.
  • The vision of Emirates Development Bank is to be a major financial engine dedicated to the economic development and industrial advancement of the United Arab Emirates.

Job Purpose

  • Emirates Development Bank is looking for Human Resources Operations Specialist to join the team to provide comprehensive employee affairs-related services to EDB's employees. 
  • Also, supervise activities pertaining to employee affairs, which includes reviewing employee information and records, ensuring the availability. 
  • Implementation of HR policies and procedures, handling internal and external audit requirements, employee grievances and disciplinary issues when needed.

Major Responsibilities:

  • Review HR policies and procedures that is related to employees affairs.
  • Develop and circulate memos and internal communications to notify employees of HR matters.
  • Conduct reviews on employee claims based on EDS reimbursement policies, where necessary.
  • Responsible for internal and external audit requirements.
  • Maintain professional confidentiality regarding employee personal and organization-sensitive information.
  • Conduct Exit interviews and ensure the proper handover of departing employee along with the final pay settlement.
  • As a super user of Oracle Fusion, ensure to handle queries from EDB Employees related to the system specifically related to personal information and records.
  • Handling employee grievances and disciplinary issues when needed.

Minimum required skills and qualification

  • +6 years of relevant experience.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in relevant field required.

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