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  Investment Banking Jobs In Germany - banki jobs   

Banking Jobs In Germany | Deutsche Bank Careers

Deutsche Bank announced on its official Linkedin page a vacancy

Executive Recruiter/Divisional Regional Relationship Manager (m/f/d)

Banks in Germany

  • Banks in Germany are renowned for their efficiency and reliability, offering a wide range of services to individuals and businesses alike.
  • With over 1,500 banks operating nationwide, customers have access to an extensive network of branches as well as online banking capabilities.
  • German banks offer competitive interest rates on savings accounts and loans while providing a secure environment for financial transactions.
  • Additionally, the country's regulatory framework ensures that deposits up to €100 000 are protected by the government-backed deposit guarantee scheme which provides further assurance when it comes to investing funds or taking out loans from German banks.

Banker salary in Germany

  • The average salary of a banker in Germany is quite competitive, with an annual mean salary ranging from €50,000 to €80,000.
  • This figure can vary depending on the size and type of bank and the individual's experience level.
  • Bankers in Germany also enjoy other benefits such as bonuses for performance or promotions within their departments as well as access to health insurance plans and pension schemes.
  • As banking continues to be one of the most sought-after professions in Germany due its high salaries and potential for career growth, it is no surprise that many individuals are attracted by this line of work.

Job Responsibilities

  • You advise our business areas and HR business partners on personnel planning and the derivation of internal and external recruitment strategies, taking into account the talent strategy and our diversity goals, and you manage recruiting initiatives in the respective business areas.
  • You control the personnel selection processes for filling director and managing director positions and advise and support hiring company departments from the clarification of the order to the decision-making process (including contract negotiations with candidates based on your own market expertise, peer know-how and internal compensation guidelines and policies).
  • You will be responsible for establishing and expanding relationships with relevant personnel consultancies in the executive recruiting segment as well as relationships with local works council bodies in relation to recruitment issues.
  • You will cooperate with various HR teams within and outside of Talent Sourcing and network across divisions to identify and support cross-divisional recruitment and development opportunities.
  • You will actively network within Talent Sourcing for global/cross-regional recruiting activities, work on global/regional projects and take on conceptual tasks for Talent Sourcing. 

Knowledge, Skills And Experience

  • You have extensive, well-founded professional experience in human resources, ideally in recruiting and/or as an HR business partner, and have experience in personnel selection and suitability diagnostics.
  • You have very good knowledge of HR organization and an understanding of all common HR processes/systems (focus: recruitment processes), as well as an overview of the labor market and currently successful/innovative recruitment channels.
  • You have experience in project work in a global environment and can demonstrate knowledge of executive compensation and the legal framework.
  • You always act professionally, trustingly and bindingly and like to build up your network.
  • You are characterized by your strong advisory skills and your confident demeanor in interaction with the upper management level.
  • You think and work analytically, independently, solution- and customer-oriented and communicate confidently in German and English, both written and spoken.

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