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 Investment Banking Jobs In Germany | Hanseatic Bank

 Banking Jobs In Germany | Hanseatic Bank Careers

Hanseatic Bank Careers announced on its official Linkedin page a vacancy

Assistant HR Coordinator

Banks in Germany

  • Banks in Germany are renowned for their efficiency and reliability, offering a wide range of services to individuals and businesses alike. 
  • With over 1,500 banks operating nationwide, customers have access to an extensive network of branches as well as online banking capabilities. 
  • German banks offer competitive interest rates on savings accounts and loans while providing a secure environment for financial transactions. 
  • Additionally, the country's regulatory framework ensures that deposits up to €100 000 are protected by the government-backed deposit guarantee scheme which provides further assurance when it comes to investing funds or taking out loans from German banks.

Banker salary in Germany

  • The average salary of a banker in Germany is quite competitive, with an annual mean salary ranging from €50,000 to €80,000. 
  • This figure can vary depending on the size and type of bank and the individual's experience level. 
  • Bankers in Germany also enjoy other benefits such as bonuses for performance or promotions within their departments as well as access to health insurance plans and pension schemes. 
  • As banking continues to be one of the most sought-after professions in Germany due its high salaries and potential for career growth, it is no surprise that many individuals are attracted by this line of work.

Job Porpuse

  • The HR department of HB is delivering full HR service to the business and employees of Hanseatic Bank, Hanseatic Service Center and SG Insurance. 
  • The department is mainly organized in agile HR Teams, Recruiting & Relationship, Payroll & Services, Culture & Development, led by the HR Director as servant leader. 
  • The department provides services for appr. 600 employees.
  • This leads to the necessity for HR to change its organization and processes with a clear perspective from the “outside – in”, meaning with customer and employee centric view.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Gather important HR processes, analyze efficiency and employee centricity.
  • Develop new HR processes from the “outside – in” taking into account digitalization, customer and employees needs.
  • Support and foster digitalization of HR department together with the team and HR Dir.
  • Run self-responsible implementation projects.
  • Rely and exchange on Best practices in SG Group.
  • Supporting the HR Coordinator by.
  • Contributing to and working within strategic HR projects of Société Générale in Germany, e.g. mutualizing HR organization, etc.
  • Organizing meetings in Germany.
  • Collecting information from German SG entities and refining it.
  • Liaising with SG Group Paris.
  • Preparing minutes, presentations, reports or project follow ups.
  • Supporting by administrating day to day issues.
  • Taking care of the German project management.
  • Manage and evolve the common German training programs.

Knowledge, Skills And Experience

  • Graduated with a Master degree from Engineering school, Business School or University with a specialization in Human Resources and/or Process Management.
  • A previous experience in HR would be appreciated.
  • Experienced knowledge of a common process modelling methodology.
  • Good analytical skills.
  • Good communication and presentation skills.
  • Proficient/Good command of MS Office.
  • Fluent in English.
  • German at least B2 Level.

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