Investment Banking Jobs In Germany - banki jobs

 Investment Banking Jobs In Germany - banki jobs   

Citi Bank announces a banking job in Germany via its Linkedin page

Investment Banking Jobs In Germany - banki jobs

AML Compliance Officer

Banks in Germany

  • Banks in Germany are renowned for their efficiency and reliability, offering a wide range of services to individuals and businesses alike.
  • With over 1,500 banks operating nationwide, customers have access to an extensive network of branches as well as online banking capabilities.
  • German banks offer competitive interest rates on savings accounts and loans while providing a secure environment for financial transactions.
  • Additionally, the country's regulatory framework ensures that deposits up to €100 000 are protected by the government-backed deposit guarantee scheme which provides further assurance when it comes to investing funds or taking out loans from German banks.

Job Description

  • Support in maintaining an AML framework.
  • Review and approve KYC’s including Permanent Exceptions, Offline approvals and Temporary Waivers.
  • Contribute to the update of the AML framework for including systems, guidelines, processes, procedures.
  • Review unusual transactions within specified timeframes.
  • Conduct testing and controls as part of the MCA framework.
  • Assist with inquiries related to AML issues and questions.

Job Requirements

  • Minimum 5 years AML experience.
  • Minimum Bachelor’s Degree.
  • Advanced Microsoft Excel skills.

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